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Mystery Babylon and the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Time


The Lost Ten Tribes in the End Time:

Truth Vindicated


Having a strong twenty-five year interest in the present-day identity of the lost Ten Tribes of Israel, I had long ago come to understand that one of the most important proofs of that identity was the end-time religion in which these people would be completely enmeshed.

About three years ago, as I began to organize my notes and research to produce a history of the Ten Tribes, I knew that the first proof would necessitate a complete discussion of that religion. By presenting the information in this order, I could lay a foundation that would answer many later questions.

I started volume one knowing full well that the ancient prophets foretold that the end-time Israelites would be worshipping at the feet of Baal. This meant that there would be a well-organized baalistic religion found in every nation in which the end-time Ten Tribes were living. It would be, in effect, an official state religion.

By starting in the Garden of Eden and progressing to Babylon and then to the present, a large amount of historical documentation was uncovered to prove that Christianity perfectly fulfilled the prophecies of end-time Israelite Baal worship. Yet, when I had finished editing the last pages of my first book, which I entitled, Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth (hereafter abbreviated "MB"), and turned the book over to the printers, I did so with reservation. You see, a good way into writing the book I came face to face with certain disturbing facts that I had never before encountered in my Christian studies.

However, all of this had to be pushed to the back of my mind as I prepared to write a second volume. This would cover in great detail the historical evidence of the present-day identity of the Ten Tribes. In fact, I had purposely given enough hints in volume one to lead the reader to understand that part of the present-day identity of the Ten Tribes of Israel is found in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples of the British Commonwealth and the United States. Volume two was to offer the proof of this and also to defend what has become known as Anglo-Israelism.

But while writing what was originally to become volume two, I came to realize that something was nagging at my conscience: it was the question that I had pushed to the back of my mind while writing volume one! When this realization finally broke through, the seriousness of the questions proved to be too demanding to simply ignore.

I had to face a fact: there was more to the story of the end-time baalistic religion of "lost" Israel than even the greatly detailed MB was telling. In fact, it soon became clear that this new information would be the overwhelming proof of the modern-day identity of the Ten Tribes of Israel. Of necessity, the second volume had to become a third, and this present volume was written to complete the evidence of MB concerning the religion of the lost Ten Tribes.

As I present this information I have no doubt that, like me, you will find it to be the most disturbing ever written on the location of the lost Ten Tribes. From the pages of history and the Holy Scriptures, the continuing apostasy of Israel will pinpoint the present-day whereabouts of the controversial Ten Tribes with such accuracy that little doubt will remain.

The Apostasy

Volume one began with what I still consider a vital part of the equation of human history. The rebellion of Lucifer, before the advent of humanity, was to play a part in the coming ageless drama that centered on one family of the human race. It has centered on one family because, over the past 6,000 years, God Himself has chosen only one family from among all of His children with which to work. This is not to say that this one family was better than any other, but that, according to plan, only one was to receive a special inheritance, and therefore the attention and intervention of Almighty God in their lives.

This human history begins with Seth and goes on through Enoch, Noah, and finally to his son Shem, who was the ancestor of the Semitic peoples. Eventually it was the Semitic Abraham that God used to set about a plan of salvation for the world: "Shall I [God] hide from Abraham what I am about to do, since Abraham is to become a great and populous nation and all the nations of the earth are to bless themselves by him? FOR I HAVE SINGLED HIM OUT, THAT HE MAY INSTRUCT HIS CHILDREN AND HIS POSTERITY TO KEEP THE WAY OF THE LORD BY DOING WHAT IS JUST AND RIGHT . . ."

This salvation was to come through Abraham to the posterity of the twelve sons of Jacob, whom God had renamed Israel. But sadly, the subsequent history of the Ten Tribes of Israel, which separated from the Tribe of Judah after King Solomon’s death, was one of great departure from the truth of God.

To understand something of Israel’s apostasy, let us recall here that when the Ten Tribes of Israel split off from the House of David to form their own new kingdom, they immediately turned to the pagan gods of the surrounding nations despite, and in the face of, the promises and warnings God had given to bless or to curse them. One of the first acts of Jeroboam, the first king of the Ten Tribes, was to set up two calves of gold. He proclaimed to Israel: "behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt." As covered extensively in the first volume, these calves were representations of the gods of Egypt, i.e., Osiris, Isis, and Horus¾ the Egyptian Trinity of Babylon!

At any rate, as the Israelites continued deeper into apostasy they soon began to build houses, or temples of Baal, on "high places" or hillsides¾ something that is still the custom among their modern-day descendants.

This descent into rank baalistic worship directly resulted in the disgraceful end of the kingdom of Israel. However, their end didn’t come immediately. It took hundreds of years for the final destruction of Israel because God, in His mercy, decided to send many prophets with warnings and pleas for His people to return to Him. But, one after another the children of Israel rejected these prophets and their warnings until finally there was no other option but for God’s divine wrath to descend on His own chosen people. Yet, let us be constantly reminded that the God of Israel had made unbreakable promises to the seed of Jacob that had to be fulfilled. Only one of these promises concerns the tremendous material blessings that were to come about in the end time, which history proves beyond doubt were kept. (This evidence will be the subject of volume three.)

Another promise concerns the end-time Houses of Israel and Judah who will be reunited and restored to their rightful inheritance. This is significant because the two kingdoms of Israel were destroyed about twenty-five centuries ago, and their peoples have ever since been dispersed throughout the world. There is, however, a condition for Israelite reunification. It will take place only when the Ten Tribes of Israel have totally put away their worship of Baal and return to the Elohim of their fathers. In other words, we must return to the faith of our physical father Abraham to finally receive the promised blessings of Israel’s Creator. Such an event will come about in the end time after the coming of Israel’s Messiah, and that, dear reader, is the subject of this book!

Israel and Christianity

In volume one I was able to lay out with some clarity the history of the incredibly complicated religion now called Christianity, which was shown to be but a continuation of the ancient Mystery Religion of Babylon. Furthermore, that "faith" was proven to be the offspring of the great fallen archangel. Lucifer, or Satan, as the Bright Morning Star, has passed himself off as a counterfeit Messiah/god-man in the world’s Mystery Religions and thereby has in reality become the "hope" of humanity. I say now, with all seriousness, that nowhere is this counterfeit more deadly than when found among the present-day descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

Satan knew that the Israelite version of the Babylonian Mysteries had to be unique if it was to accomplish a mission of destruction among the end-time Ten Tribes. This mission, in fact, was the very reason for the development of the damnable institution of the Babylonian Mysteries in the first place. Simply stated, Satan’s mission was to destroy Israel totally and completely by offering them a deadly replacement for the faith of Abraham, and therefore, their Creator.

In Israel’s case, Satan accomplished his substitution by twisting certain prophecies of the Creator Elohim to culminate in a so-called Christian "savior," or, in other words, a counterfeit Messiah. Perhaps the most shocking information in volume one was the proof from ancient history that the counterfeit Christian god was none other than Satan himself. This means, to state it bluntly, that the present-day Christian Israelites are, as a whole, worshipping at the feet of Satan himself!

Having now made such an indictment, I will now present the whole story of Israel’s apostasy¾ but I should warn you to be prepared for the disturbing evidence of just how far this corruption has been carried. It is the same information that plagued my conscience to the extent that I had to put aside the other volume of this work to produce this book. I do know that in my twenty-five years of research I have never encountered a book like the one you now hold. Some will undoubtedly say by book’s end that the information presented here may have best been left unsaid. Yet all of us are faced with one essential fact: before the coming of the Messiah, the restoration of Israel, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth, the children of Jacob must repent of the great apostasy that has enslaved them for over 2,500 years and return to the faith of Abraham.

If I may be allowed yet another blunt statement, I will say that you are going to find in this book a truth that has been effectively hidden from the lost Ten Tribes since the downfall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel over 2,500 years ago! However, to make it perfectly clear that the words and statements contained in this book are by no means my own, I can say that I did and do have an all-powerful Ally Who happens to be the Creator of Israel! Thankfully, His Word gives all of us the understanding to know right from wrong. And, again thankfully, throughout the lands of the doomed modern Israelites, we can at last use the Holy Scriptures of Israel to completely expose the great false religion known to the world as Christianity.

He is the Christ!

"In the first century of the Common Era, there appeared at the eastern end of the Mediterranean a remarkable religious leader who taught the worship of one true God and declared that religion meant not the sacrifice of beasts but the practice of charity and piety and the shunning of hatred and enmity. He was said to have worked miracles of goodness, casting out demons, healing the sick, raising the dead. His exemplary life led some of his followers to claim he was a son of God, though he called himself the son of a man. Accused of sedition against Rome, he was arrested. After his death, his disciples claimed he had risen from the dead, appeared to them alive, and then ascended to heaven. Who was this teacher and wonder-worker? His name was Apollonius of Tyana; he died about 98 A.D., and his story may be read in Flavius Philostratus’s Life of Apollonius."

I quote the above as an illustration of a major problem that arose during my research for the first volume of this work. While presenting the evidence of the counterfeit saviors, who are found literally in every ancient nation on earth, serious doubts forced their way to the forefront of my conscience from time to time.

At first these doubts centered on the historical data I was uncovering about the ancient Mysteries, and my first reaction was to reject it all out of hand¾ get rid of the information and you get rid of the doubts. But, as I was slowly forced to admit that the evidence was indisputable, the doubts came to rest on a very familiar story that I had been taught from the first years of my life.

I was seeing historical evidence that the story of Jesus’ birth and death, found in the Gospel accounts, was known centuries before the real Jesus was born. Furthermore, I saw that the details of this story were the very cornerstones of the ancient Babylonian Mysteries¾ a religion that I had proved beyond doubt was but a damnable worship of Satan himself!

When I read books such as The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors and had to finally admit that they were presenting truthful evidence known centuries before the birth of Jesus, what was my reaction? How did I respond in MB to this evidence? I was compelled to defend the Gospel accounts of Jesus in the same way the Roman Catholic Church had been forced to do. This is to say that my reaction was the same as that of the Roman Catholic missionaries (which I condemned in MB) when they found tenets of their Catholic faith preserved in the pagan religion of the South American natives. I blamed the situation on Satan as another of his ingenious counterfeits!

Because of my religious upbringing, I had to believe that the coming birth and death of the Messiah were known throughout the history of mankind, which meant that it would have been easy for Satan to launch a counterfeit of this truth from the very beginning. What I overlooked, as did the Catholic missionaries, was the truth of God’s Holy Scriptures.

Another fact was also overlooked: God would never have allowed Satan to counterfeit the truth so completely that it could not be detected by simply reading the Sacred Scriptures of Israel!

Not knowing the history of their Catholic faith, the missionaries had no idea that their customs were nothing more than pure Babylonian Mysteries, which had filtered through the centuries into every part of the world. To them, the discovery in South America of a mother and child deity, the mass, the sacraments, the virgin birth of a savior-god, his death on a cross, baptism, and a host of other great similarities to Catholicism¾ and Christianity¾ was astounding. Understandably, more than one priest had his faith shaken when the ancient Mysteries of Catholicism were exposed to the daylight of reason.

Don De Solis, in his book, The History of the Conquest of Mexico, writes: ". . . it seems that the Devil . . . was ambitious to imitate Baptism . . . and even the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, since he introduced among these Barbarians the Confession of Sins . . . and Communion which the priest administered on certain days. They had likewise Jubilees, processions, offerings of incense and other forms of divine worship; Nay, they even gave their Chief Priest the title of Pope in their language;" He concludes: ". . . [Satan,] whether with a design to abuse and profane the Sacred Mysteries and Ceremonies by mingling them with his abominations, is still aspiring to imitate the Most High."

In his conclusions, De Solis was only following a Catholic excuse laid down centuries before. The great church father, Justin Martyr, makes it clear that the similarities of Jesus to the pagan gods were due to Satan’s cunning: "It having reached the Devil’s ears, that the prophets had foretold the coming of Christ, the Son of God, he set the heathen Poets to bring forward a great many who should be called the sons of Jove. The Devil laying his scheme in this, to get men to imagine that the true history of Christ was of the same character as the prodigious fables related of the sons of Jove."

It will take little to recall how, in MB, I condemned these Catholic priests for their blind conclusions. I lamented the fact that they simply could not see that their religion was indeed nothing more than a continuation of Satan’s ancient perversion of God’s Truth. Yet, in the same state of mind, when it came to looking squarely at my own beliefs, I had a case of the same blindness. When the evidence paralleled my own Christianity as opposed to blatant Catholicism, I used exactly the same excuses that can only be regarded as pure Catholic reasoning.

While researching and writing MB, I do not know at what point I came to realize that I was suppressing some serious doubts about my own faith. All I know is that I came to have these doubts, and they were especially obvious when I found definite customs and teachings from the New Testament in the pagan religions that preceded Christianity. In retrospect, I can only wonder what was wrong with my reasoning powers.


I had always agreed with a rather famous minister who used to continually teach that in order to clearly understand the truth of the Bible, we had to "unlearn" all the theological error of our past. This was sound advice, but having been born into a Christian family I, like the majority of Christians, never questioned the fundamentals of that faith. In all fairness, I should point out that my family’s Christianity was not the orthodox Christianity of the majority. Actually, I had always been taught that "our faith" did not descend from the Roman Catholic Church via some Protestant group¾ although I have come to realize that this was wishful thinking and not backed up by any real historical evidence. In fact, I now see that my former denomination was anything but immune to the influence of Catholic and Protestant theology!

However, the unique doctrines of my former faith did accomplish something. From earliest childhood I had been taught, and therefore strongly believed in, the seventh-day Sabbath and the so-called "Jewish" holy days. I was also taught that the majority of the religious customs of the Mother Church of Rome and her Protestant daughters were nothing more than a reconstituted Babylonian Mystery Religion¾ although having been taught something and bothering to prove it are two different things. Be this as it may, it was only when I was challenged on my beliefs several years ago that I finally began some serious research to find the real truth of the matter.

The first fact I had to admit was that my denouncement of Christianized pagan customs was based solely on my own religious background and not on anything I had proven to myself. This admission took me into an intensive three-year study to either prove or disprove the convictions of a lifetime, and the results, published in MB, speak for themselves.

At the beginning of this chapter I mentioned some serious doubts even while MB was at the printers. Essentially, what I meant was that when the research for MB was complete, I had only one real question before me: was Jesus but another of the world’s crucified savior/gods? HERE IT WAS! HERE WAS A QUESTION THAT EVERYTHING WITHIN MY CONSCIENCE TOLD ME WAS A FORBIDDEN THOUGHT! HOW COULD I, (OR ANY BORN-CHRISTIAN), EVER ALLOW SUCH A DOUBT TO ENTER MY MIND?

Throughout my life I had discussed religion with many people of other faiths¾ Christian and otherwise. I would often reason that if I had been born in Egypt, I may well have been a Moslem, or perhaps if my birthplace was India, I’d be a zealous Hindu. Indeed, had I been born into the Catholic Church, I may have well written a book defending that religion and would have declared myself ready to die for the "faith!"

With the belief that my own Christianity was the truth of God, I often made the above points with the intention of showing the person I was debating how prejudiced they were because of their religious background, which, of course, made them blind to the truth. If I could only get them to look beyond their church’s doctrines, maybe they could see their error and embrace my own Christianity.

As do most Christians, I felt that somehow and for some reason I, and the one hundred or so thousand people of my church denomination, had been singled out by God Himself to receive His precious truth. I sincerely believed that the doctrines of my church taught the real truth of Christianity, and that we were the only ones called by God to teach errant Catholics and Protestants the folly of their faith.

As I mentioned above, the church in which I was reared was unique in its doctrines, and, to be fair, I feel certain that God has used it as a first step to open the door to understanding. Just the same, its religious doctrine had completely blinded me to a great deal of truth¾ truth, I might add, that was there in front of me all the time, as it is for billions of others!

In reflection, I now wonder how I could have missed the truth that I am now prepared to place before you. The answer can only be that it was because of an adopted Catholic institution that my church and all Protestant Churches have successfully used over the centuries.

The historical information presented in volume one has clearly shown that when the great protest occurred in Catholicism, producing the Protestant denominations, millions left with tremendous amounts of theological baggage. One such weight around the necks of the freed slaves of Catholicism was the institution of book-banning.

The banning of certain books was a rule that became unofficially established in most, if not all, Protestant Churches. It certainly was a practice of my church. Although they did not actually put out a list, as does the Catholic Church, the leaders of my denomination let it be known that certain books, and indeed entire subjects, were off limits. In fact, if such a list had been drawn up, many of the books referenced in MB would have been at the top.

How well I remember on several occasions asking a question¾ raised because I had just read some disturbing history¾ only to be lectured by a minister on why a Christian shouldn’t be reading "such" books. "Satan will use these books to cause doubts" I was told!

This ecclesiastical attitude can be summed up by a comment made in a sermon from the now-deceased leader of my former denomination: "Some ministers come to me and say, ‘Mr. –, the people have questions! We have to answer their questions!’ Now what they are really saying to me is that Satan has gotten to these people. You see it is Satan who puts doubts in your mind and causes you to have questions: and once he does that, he has you!" Sadly, the leadership of my church followed traditional Catholic doctrine regarding taboo books and subjects. Moreover, they even embraced the Catholic discipline in the matter and were prepared to excommunicate any member who disregarded their warning and raised questions.


Again I will mention that the one unique tenet of my religion was a tremendous respect for the "Old" Testament, which meant that I had a profound appreciation of a "book" that had retained its integrity over the millennia. But, as a typical Christian, I had never before read it with truly open eyes. In other words, I only read the "Old" Testament in light of the New, and hence I was limited in my understanding, if not altogether blinded to what it clearly taught. This fact isn’t surprising since the established rule of Christianity is that one reads and interprets the "Old" Testament by what the New Testament says: the New Testament is the foundation on which the "Old" Testament rests!

Such "reasoning" will be proven by book’s end to be the most deceitful tool ever devised. In fact, unless such "reasoning" is reversed, it will prove to be the utter destruction of the Ten Tribes of Israel! The New Testament, if it is indeed the truth of God, should be built on the foundation of the "Old" Testament, and it should be continually judged by that same source.

It is difficult to face the possibility that what you’ve grown up believing was only a tissue of fables. After considering the evidence in MB, many people, for instance, have recently come to face the truth about Christmas, Easter, and the host of other pagan holidays now masquerading as Christian replacements for the holy days of God. I know by their letters that it took courage and a sincere desire to serve the Creator of Israel to reject something all their friends and family were caught up in. It took courage to look beyond the tinsel and gold to the abominable worship of the god these pagan festivals honor.

The key words here are courage and unlearning. It isn’t easy to unlearn, especially in the case of religion, which often reflects the beliefs of a lifetime! The process is even more confusing if you have the threat of a terrible and exacting damnation hanging over your head for abandoning the "faith." All of the above, and a whole lot more, were the thoughts and baggage I had when I finally knew I had to face the truth.

Was Jesus, my Jesus, the Son of God? Was he the savior of the world? Despite the dozens of pagan gods who could fit this bill, and have been proclaimed to be such in numerous ancient "holy" scriptures, I knew my question could be answered by the authority of the "Old" Testament prophecies. My faith, unlike the heathen religions I had outlined in MB, was based on the truth found in the Holy Scriptures—although I have come to realize that I had never truly bothered to read them for what they say!

The Source

What I didn’t fully realize, even by the time MB was being printed, was to what extent the Mystery Religion of Satan had infiltrated every aspect of Christianity. As I began to become aware of this fact, I reviewed the evidence of the Mysteries along with the prophecies of the Sacred Scriptures of Israel. I came to understand that the founding, and subsequent widespread infiltration of the Babylonian Mystery religion throughout the world after the Flood, was done for one reason: Satan understood that God planned to offer salvation to the world through the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Without Israel, there would be no salvation, hence Satan set into motion a complicated plan of his own that only now is being fully understood. With a counterfeit of the truth of God he would establish his own false Messiah to replace the Messiah of God. Through this counterfeit he would offer people a false hope¾ one that would ultimately cause eternal death. Of course, as volume one proved, the Messiah that Satan introduced was himself in human form! Now the deadly fact of the matter is that Satan’s plan was aimed right at the throat of the Israelites, the people from whom the real Messiah would come.

In other words, Satan had used the knowledge of the coming Kingdom of God, and of how salvation would come to the entire world, to create a substitute. He introduced to the world a baby god/man born of a virgin, who would die for the salvation of humanity¾ which, needless to say, the majority of this world has accepted! Once this plan of salvation was accepted, people could then ignore the Commandments of their Creator. In effect, by embracing Satan’s theology the process of salvation would be effortless: all it required was faith, after which the true believer was under grace¾ exempt from the harsh laws of a merciless Creator! This is the constant theme of the Mystery Religion from the days of Cain to the present!

Perhaps you will be wondering if this isn’t but the same reasoning that I condemned just a few pages back in the case of Catholic missionaries when they discovered the pagan origins of their faith? No! There is a big difference! In the case of Christianity/Catholicism, the origin of their faith is literally carved in stone! That is to say, ancient monuments and writings have preserved the very foundations of their pagan religious doctrines. On the other hand, the charge that Satan has offered a counterfeit to the faith of Abraham stands on an easily seen solid foundation! By the end of this book you shall see that the faith delivered to Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and the prophets of Israel, can be easily recognized when it is compared with Satan’s counterfeit!


After the downfall of Israel and the subsequent scattering of its people throughout the world, it was quite easy for Satan to influence them to adopt his Mystery Religion. However, everything within the history of Israel has happened for a reason! Even though God has essentially abandoned the Israelites to Baal worship¾ giving them an actual bill of divorce¾ our merciful Creator, remembering His promise to Abraham, would again restore the House of Jacob to their rightful inheritance. And, as we shall see when we cover the specific prophecies, this can only come about when the end-time Israelites at last understand their great heritage.

As the end of this age draws near, God will provide a means for the Children of Israel to recognize not only their identity but the true faith of their fathers. In spite of himself, Satan will become God’s tool to fulfill His promises!

However, the end-time children of Israel will never come to the realization of who they are¾ their true identity¾ if they continue to be steeped in pure Babylonian Mysteries. In other words, they will need a foundation on which someone (an "Elijah" according to Malachi!) can build. This will bring about the coming of the Messiah, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, which shall cover the entire face of the earth. That foundation, if the end-time Israelites are to finally know the Creator of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, can only be the so-called "Old" Testament.

Now let us consider an important question: is it just a coincidence that the very people, whom history can prove to be the descendants of ancient Israel, have, as a foundation of faith, the Torah, Nevi’im, and Kethuvim¾ in other words the Holy Scriptures of ancient Israel?

To put this question into some perspective, how difficult do you suppose it would be to convert someone who was a Hindu to the Hebrew faith? In other words, if all of North America, the British Commonwealth, and Western Europe, wherein the Ten Tribes of Israel are now dwelling, had Hinduism for their faith, how many do you suppose would receive a message about the faith of Abraham? Individually it would be extremely difficult to teach these people: on a national basis it would be out of the question!

Someone would not only have to convince the people that their Hindu faith was a corrupted perversion from ancient Babylon, but that some totally foreign faith and prophecies of an unknown people were actually the faith and prophecies of the God of their fathers. However, let us consider this: if a specific people already had a solid foundation of "Old" Testament theology to build on, how much easier would it be to work with them in the end time? I think the answer to that is obvious!

I state this with the utmost conviction: it is no accident of history that we have the faith of our fathers as a foundation on which the "state" religion of the Ten Tribes rests in this end time. In fact, those authors who have tied the identity of the lost Ten Tribes to "Old" Testament prophecies have had their work simplified by the unquestioning acceptance of certain portions of the "Old" Testament by their Christian readers. The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Christian peoples have a strong affinity with the history of the Hebrews!

Actually, thanks to the repetition of countless Bible stories throughout their lives, Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Christians believe that Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Enoch, Noah and the Flood, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob, Leah and Rachel, the Exodus, Moses, Aaron, Samuel, King David, King Solomon, the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, Daniel and the Lion’s den, etc., really belong to Christianity! In other words, most Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples consider the above people and events as part of their own heritage!

Think of the great significance of this fact! Such an occurrence was not by chance! It was an all-powerful God, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who has brought about this situation in this present end-time generation. Strictly from a historical perspective, the religion of the latter-day Ten Tribes should have been Mithraism. That was the religion of the Roman Empire, which had spread throughout much of Europe and the British Isles. Who could have ever guessed that some little obscure religious movement in the backward province of Judea would have overtaken the Roman Empire and spread throughout the lands wherein the Ten Tribes were dwelling? I can tell you now that if that had not occurred, there would have been no foundation for teaching the faith of Abraham to his descendants in the end time!

Again, I say that it is no coincidence that the end-time Israelites have the Holy Scriptures of Israel’s Creator as a solid foundation of their faith. Is it any wonder, as we move closer to the time of the end, that Satan has launched an all-out attack on the precious truth of Israel’s inheritance and its very identity?

To this end, there is now a concentrated effort to dispossess the Jews of their ancient right to preserve the Sacred Scriptures. This is being accomplished by the grand lie that the Jews have corrupted the Hebrew Scriptures to remove any prophetic references to Jesus Christ. Now this charge is an ancient one within Christianity, but its reemergence in our present society is very significant of the times in which we live.

Joshua Trachtenberg writes: "Curious as this may seem, there is overwhelming evidence that the Catholic world believed that the Jew himself recognized the truth of Christian doctrine!"

"According to this view, the Jews knew that the coming of Jesus was foretold in Scripture, even though they stubbornly denied this. To the Christian the conventional interpretation of Scripture was the only possible and sensible one; the Jewish interpretation could not therefore fail to seem the product either of willful misunderstanding or falsification. Jerome and other early Church Fathers frequently complained that the Jewish teachers consciously and deliberately perverted the meaning of the original text, and Justinian went so far as to embody this complaint in law . . ." "Medieval scholars did not hesitate to impute to Jews even the crime of tampering with the text of the Bible in an effort to destroy its Christological meaning. One fifteenth-century writer adopted the conspiratorial theme and told how the rabbis ‘assembled in great multitudes at the Babylon of Egypt, which is called Cairo, where they, with as much secrecy as possible, falsified and corrupted the Scriptures . . ."

Blame the Jews!

Of course the Jews, as every good Christian knows, killed Jesus! The Jews killed the very one, and only

one, who could give them salvation! Furthermore, by rejecting the Messiah, God took salvation from them and gave it to the rest of the world, that is, He gave it to the Gentiles. This teaching is a fundamental of Christianity!

Like all good Christians (not to be confused with the "good Christians" who had persecuted and murdered Jews by the millions), I hoped for the day that the Jews could be brought to Christ. How glorious the day would be when they accepted Jesus and gained salvation!

FULLY BELIEVING ONLY SELECTED PASSAGES OF GOD’S PROPHECIES, I knew the time was fast coming when the two Houses of Israel¾ Judah and the Ten Tribes¾ would be united under Jesus as the King of Kings, and ruler of the world. Furthermore, I believed that my Christianity, unlike the Catholic and Protestant versions, was but a continuation of the Hebrew faith and could clearly prove¾ to any thinking Jew¾ that Jesus was the true Messiah of Israel.

As a good Christian, I sincerely believed that it should be my mission to teach the Jews that my own brand of Christianity was not the false Christianity of the world. I could show them the difference, and surely they would see the truth. What I didn’t understand then was that Satan, with a hateful desire to destroy the Hebrew faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, had completely perverted the Sacred and substituted the profane. Following a completely false concept, I was simply laboring to understand the "Old" Testament in light of what the New Testament taught.

We are going to see by this book’s end that the charges of Christianity against the only Tribe of Israel to have retained their identity and preserved the sacred writings of our fathers is a well-planned assault going back thousands of years. Also by book’s end, I hope all will see that we owe a tremendous debt to our brothers for their great sacrifices.

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